The Hydrangeas of Bretagne

Before I came to the Bretagne (Brittany to English speakers) region of France, I didn’t have any idea of the extent of the range of colours that Hydrangeas could be! The locals of Bretagne really seem to know how to grow them however, for they put on the most magnificent displays around their homes…



Dreaming of times gone by…

If there’s one thing I am, it is a hoarder of old things. I cannot bear to throw anything remotely old out – everything has a unique and interesting story behind it. One of my favourite things to collect are old ball gowns, dresses, skirts…any old clothing really. Yesterday I simply couldn’t resist getting out my Grandmother’s wedding dress…an incredible gown made by my great grandmother, complete with a gold bodice and a several meter long train weighed down with curtain weights. I felt like a real princess!

IMG_4871 (2).JPG

One For a Cat Lover

I personally am not particularly a cat person, but when a close friend of mine who is a cat lover was having a birthday, I simply could not resist making a cat-themed succulent set for her! These little succulents have found a home in a recycled cat food bowl – I hope she likes it!