Flower Baking

Who needs to grow flowers when you can just bake your own!


One For a Cat Lover

I personally am not particularly a cat person, but when a close friend of mine who is a cat lover was having a birthday, I simply could not resist making a cat-themed succulent set for her! These little succulents have found a home in a recycled cat food bowl – I hope she likes it!


What I don’t like about Christmas

One of the things I don’t like about Christmas, is all the waste…so much wrapping paper and packaging that gets thrown away! At my house we try and re-use paper, or not use it at all, but even still our bin seems to still end up full of wrapping after Christmas. This year, I decided to try and think of new ways to use up the scraps, and ended up turning them into Christmas cards!


What is your favourite part of Christmas?

There are so many things that make Christmas special…for me, they are my family and friends, a real Christmas tree with homemade decorations and plenty of lights, and a cute gingerbread house. After last years fiasco with my gingerbread house, I decided to go a little more conservative this year! What is your favourite part of Christmas?



Potting Day!

As usual, my Christmas presents aren’t expensive, but are full of love, and a lot of time! For the past few months, I have been growing all sorts of tiny succulents in water filled jars, ready for them to be planted in both new and recycled pots and jars for Christmas. Today, I finally got to do potting day! They all look so cute and I am so pleased with them! x