New Orders

Its always such a pleasure to get new orders ready for a customer…I hope this little girl enjoys her birthday presents this year! ♥



One year on!

Well…I am proud to say that it has officially been one year since the first ‘Daily Flowers’ blog post was published! I’ve come a long way from my very first post:


which was a decidedly boring photo of my feet…to photos of crafts, places, flowers and much more throughout the year that was 2016:

Its been a wonderful first year, and I hope to see you all reading Daily Flowers as we move into the second year 🙂

Spring Time Craft

It can be depressing in spring when everyone else’s gardens are full of flowers and yours just seem to be dead as usual (like mine!) . Thankfully, I have discovered a solution…make your own flowers! Here is one I crocheted recently – I’ve never made a flower with a stem before; its actually a pipe cleaner that i crocheted over the top of!

P.S…if you like these flowers, they are now available on my Etsy shop! Click Here! 🙂

Crochet Tiaras…so easy and so cute!

I’ve spent the last few days putting the final touches on my new Etsy store before it opens officially (very excited!)…one of the items I will be trying to sell are these cute tiaras that I have been making. They are so much fun to make; all you have to do is use a regular headband and crochet around it, adding whatever finishing touches you wish to it  x


P.S – if you like these, they are now available on my Etsy store! Just click here x