Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Daily Flowers! Today marks two years since my very first post 😊 what a lovely flower to celebrate with!


Holiday Fun

One of the best things about being on holidays is you can try out all those things you’ve thought of throughout the year but never got time to do – this year I have decided to learn how to cross stitch! So far so good…

More plant fun

I feel like there are a lot of people like me out there – they try having a goldfish or a hermit crab, but it just doesn't work out. Then what do you do with the left over equipment? Well…you turn it into a tiny greenhouse for your plants! My ex fish tank is doing a great job of keeping the plants on my desk hydrated and warm 😊🐠🌺

Perfection survives

I found this yellow flower on the ground today – it's so perfect despite the winter mud and rain, pedestrians, and several hours in a handbag! I don't understand how it can not have been trampled into the mud or squished in my bag…perfection has survived!