Why buy plant pots?

My place of work was throwing out a whole stash of bowls, mugs and plates just yesterday and I thought to myself…there must be something creative I can do with some of them! Today, well…I drilled a hole in the bottom and voilà! Free plant pot!



Street Improvement

I’ve always thought the tiny trees they plant along Melbourne streets are silly; they’re just too small to make any real difference to the atmosphere..in my opinion we should take a leaf (or a petal?) out of the book of the French and install these flower contraptions on our street corners!


Second hand craft

Does anyone remember when I combined an old notebook and an old yearly planner to make a cute new looking one? If you don’t remember, this is what happened:


So I used second hand materials to make something pretty! Well now that notebook is finished, the cover I made is living its third life…this time as the cute new lid on my fish tank! Neville loves flowers nearly as much as me!

book cover reused.JPG