A Post From Paris

Paris is so special for so many people, and for different reasons for each of them. For some, it is simply the city of love, for others, it’s high fashion shopping and glamour. For me, Paris is architecture, flowers and atmosphere. There are flowers everywhere here, from the adorable tiny florists that sell little pots like these perfect for Parisian balconies, to the immaculate and beautiful gardens around the palaces and attractions such as the Eiffel Tower. Here are my favourite flowers so far!





A Goodbye to the Coast

We may be sinking into the depths of winter here in Australia, but our beautiful and sometimes somewhat odd coastal flowers are still flourishing! These ones in particular have always fascinated me…they are bizarre and not what most people would consider beautiful, but they have some elegance to them. I won’t be looking at these Australian flowers for much longer however, for in just a few days I’ll be in Paris! Look forward to posts of cute French flowers, buildings and whatever else I may spy!

spherical flower.JPG


Never been a green thumb…

As the title suggests, I have certainly never been a green thumb – every plant I’ve ever had has died within weeks or days of me receiving it! ¬†Unfortunately trying to grow plants is something I really enjoy…so lately I’ve been trying to do a bit of recycling and DIY, to turn old instant coffee jars into little terrariums for succulents, and so far, they are staying alive! They look so cute on my desk ¬†x

Bobby and Elmo.JPG