Making boring notebooks fun!

Going back to study, be it school or university is hardly ever fun. Personally, it bugs me to look at the same boring old notebook covers every year. Thus, this year I decided to use some old scraps of pretty paper to brighten up an otherwise plain notebook…how cute is it?! ❤

scrapbook notebook 1scrapbook notebook 2


Valentines Day Roses

A week since valentines day, and my roses don’t look quite as well as they did, however, I find that they last longer than many florist-bought flowers. They are so beautiful and surely the most elegant flower aren’t they?



Crochet Tiaras…so easy and so cute!

I’ve spent the last few days putting the final touches on my new Etsy store before it opens officially (very excited!)…one of the items I will be trying to sell are these cute tiaras that I have been making. They are so much fun to make; all you have to do is use a regular headband and crochet around it, adding whatever finishing touches you wish to it  x


P.S – if you like these, they are now available on my Etsy store! Just click here x