Cafe Flowers

Enjoyed this cute little flower on my table today at Melbourne Cafe ‘Where is Henry?’ Even one small flower can brighten up any day!

where's henry.JPG



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I didn’t make too many handmade Christmas presents this year, however, here is a little dream catcher I made for a friend’s Christmas present. It was surprisingly easy – I just crocheted around a curtain ring, invented something to go in the middle then tied strips of fabric and a feather to it! So easy!


P.S – if you like this dream catcher, you can design your own and order it at my Etsy store! Just click here! x

Crochet Baskets and Bowls Part 1

Something I had never considered until recently was crochet bowls and baskets, until I saw a cute pair of them in a friend’s home recently. Inspired, I decided to play around with how I would make them. For experiment one, I simply crocheted a normal bowl shape out of light wool, then soaked them in a water and glue mixture, leaving them to dry draped over a ceramic bowl as a mold.

IMG_0045 - Copy.JPG

They ended up coming out quite well!

IMG_0048 - Copy.JPG

Crochet Birds

For a few years now the centerpiece of my Christmas wreath has been one of these adorable little crochet birds, which also make great presents and are so easy to make! Just crochet an ordinary, flat circle, fold, stitch, stuff, add eyes, a beak and wings and any other decorations you wish and you’re done!